Amulets and Superstition – Wallis Budge



AGATE (black).—Courage, boldness, victory in games, prosperity. Agates with unusual markings on them were greatly prized, and special value was attached to them.
AGATE (red).—Calm, peace, protection against the bites of snakes, scorpions, and other insects, and against lightning and the thunderbolt.
AQUAMARINE.—Youth, hope, health. Worn in earrings it gained affection and love for the wearer.
AMBER.—Preserved children from fits.
AMETHYST.—Peace of mind. It prevented its wearer from getting drunk -and, if the circle of the sun or moon was engraved on it, from death by poison.
CAT’S EYE.—Protection against the Evil Eye. Long life.
CARBUNCLE.—Determination, assurance, energy, Physical well-being.
CARNELIAN.—Friendship. A cure for depression and pessimism.
CHRYSOLITE.—Wisdom, discretion, prudence.
CHRYSOPRASE.—Gaiety, joy.
CORAL (red).—Attachment, devotion, protection against plague and pestilence. It loses its colour when a friend of the wearer is about to die.
CORUNDUM.—Stability of mind.
DIAMOND.—Candour, sincerity, fidelity and affection.
EMERALD.—Faithfulness, unchanging love. Helps  the wearer to forecast events.
GARNET.—Energy, devotion, loyalty. Promotes sincerity.
HAEMATITE.—Alertness, vivacity, sexual impulse, success in litigation.
JADE (white).—Quiets intestinal disturbances.
JADE (black).—Strength, power.
JASPER.—Joy, happiness, relief from pain.
JET.—Grief, mourning.
LAPIS LAZULI.—Capacity, ability, success, divine favour.
LOADSTONE.—Honesty, integrity, virility.
MAGNETITE.—Sexual impulse.
OLIVINE.—Simplicity, modesty, pleasure, happiness.
ONYX.—Destroys nightmare and bad dreams. Perspicacity.
OPAL.—Fidelity, religious emotion, prayers, assurance.
PEARL.—Chastity, purity.
PERIDOT.—Thunderbolt. An aid to friendship.
RUBY.—Love, passion. An aid to firm friendship. Beauty.
SAPPHIRE.—Innocence, truth. A giver of health and a preserver of chastity.
SARDONYX.—Brightness, vivacity. A guide to honour and renown.
SELENITE.—Good Luck.
TOPAZ.—Love, affection. An aid to sweetness of disposition.
TURQUOISE.—Courage which leads to fulfilment and success.
TURQUOISE (black-lined).—Love, and a winner of love.