Original “lover’s eyes” jewelry pieces are a very valuable collectible because of their scarcity and the romantic sentiment behind them.

We introduce best piece of jewelry candidate for Inhorgenta Award 2018 – Jaime Moreno’s Tornasol necklace.

Read this introduction survey on ancient Egyptian jewelry and amulets by curator Dutch National Archaeological Museum in Leiden.

How to start & build a display mineral specimen collection. A tutorial discussing 23 criteria. By one of America’s leading collectors Jack Halpern.

Cartier Art Deco diamond and ruby bracelet.

Read this short guide to art deco jewelry discussing stylistic elements of art deco and designers like Lalique, Cartier, Sandoz, Cleef & Arpels.

To most of us today the name Peter Carl Faberge conjures up memories of the extravagance and whimsicality enjoyed by a doomed society. It is impossible to think of him without recalling the surprise Easter Eggs and bejeweled mechanical trifles that he made to amuse the last of the Romanovs.

art nouveau, wolfers, choker,

Read this short guide to art nouveau jewelry discussing stylistic elements of art nouveau and designers like Viver, Sandoz, Lalique, Faberge.

Large silver-gilt lidded tankard embossed with rocaille work. Set with small cabochon amethysts, emeralds, hessonite garnets, rubies and turquoise.

Extensive discussion on 2 Greek Carnelian Scaraboid gems, created in Athens, 500 B.C

The cameo industry in Torre del Greco in Italy dates back to the 15th century. Read how contemporary Italian cameos are still made in that same way.

Read the fascinating story of the largest and most elaborate cameo in history. Presumably dating back to around 23 A.D many theories abound on the origin and meaning of the depicted scenes.

Illustrated introduction to the bright red Pyrope garnets from Bohemia, Czech Republic. Most popular in 18th and 19th century and during the Victorian Age.