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Add variety to your personal style without compromising quality, Farlang designer Cynthia Renee creates options using interchangeable jewels.

bipyramidal diamond crystals 720

Definitive book for gem connoisseurs. Learn the secrets of behind what makes one stone merely a good stone verses a truly fabulous museum-quality.

Snowflake Cut Csarite by Wobito Gems, Ltd.  Photo ©

Csarite, a rare gift that impresses even the most discriminating gem connoisseur. Truly a gift fit for a King!

catherine greatest exhibit

Catherine, the Greatest. “Self-polished Diamond of the Hermitage” exhibition unravels myths surrounding Europe’s greatest empress and her life.


An extensive visual and scientific study of the most important find within the Cheapside Hoard: the St Thomas stone: a Byzantine gem carving in a 16th century pendant. Until now it was unclear what the scene carved in the gemstone depicted.


These bejewelled treasures highlight the exceptional skills of goldsmiths within the Indian subcontinent.


March, the beginning of Spring when flowers start to bloom, is a beautiful time of year for outdoor weddings. Why settle for boring accessories on such a special occasion? Here’s our 2016 selections for unique Spring bridal tiaras.


Read this (scientific) study on the use of metals and materials used in ancient Egyptian Jewelry by one of the foremost jewelry historians.


Read this introduction survey on ancient Egyptian jewelry and amulets by curator Dutch National Archaeological Museum in Leiden.

Israel jewelry in Israel featured

An extract of a recently published book highlighting Israeli art jewelry post 1948. Israeli art jewelry shows a variety of multi-cultural influences. A selection presented by Iris Fishof, chief curator of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem


Read this background article on the use of the human body in the jewelry by Gijs Bakker, Friedrich Becker, Gerd Rothmann, Bruno Martinazzi.


If you’re going to wear it all your life, choose something you love very, very much.


Farlang presents rare color changing gems from Turkey from the private collection of Erica Courtney, jewelry designer to Hollywood royalty.

Diminutive in size yet breathtakingly detailed, Rainforest Design’s shell cameos have introduced a captivating Fair Trade, eco beauty to the world.


A never-before-seen collection of unique gemstones carved by Arthur Anderson, one of America’s most iconic gem carvers, has been discovered.


After 3 years, a gem, engineering, & design masterpiece is born. A glossy peak behind the making of a bespoke piece: 3 design rounds, 14 gemstones of 127 carats and 259 soldering joints.


Featured designer of the month, Llyn L. Strelau, made one man’s idea a reality with ‘Future Perfect’, an objet d’art symbolizing the celebration of the beginning of two lives brought together.


In honor of the Academy Awards, our editors have chosen to pair the glam of Lebanese haute couture, world reknown for their evening gown fashion, with jewellers of the hollywood stars for brilliance heretofore seen and worthy of the silver screen.

Several watches you can find within this post

The most luxurious watches from around the world.


Oscar nominees for best actress and the jewels they’ve worn. A full page fun slideshow with fun facts.

A gold and micromosaic hinged bangle, circa 1870

Read our jewelry and diamond auction previews and reviews post-auction on antique jewelry and colored diamonds.


Antique Italian cameos carved in the Victorian age use extensive symbolism to communicate hidden messages of love and romance.


The cameo industry in Torre del Greco dates back to the 15th century. Read how contemporary cameos are still made in that same way.