Add variety to your personal style without compromising quality, Farlang designer Cynthia Renee creates options using interchangeable jewels.

Definitive book for gem connoisseurs. Learn the secrets of behind what makes one stone merely a good stone verses a truly fabulous museum-quality.

Csarite, a rare gift that impresses even the most discriminating gem connoisseur. Truly a gift fit for a King!

Catherine, the Greatest. “Self-polished Diamond of the Hermitage” exhibition unravels myths surrounding Europe’s greatest empress and her life.

An extensive visual and scientific study of the most important find within the Cheapside Hoard: the St Thomas stone: a Byzantine gem carving in a 16th century pendant. Until now it was unclear what the scene carved in the gemstone depicted.

These bejewelled treasures highlight the exceptional skills of goldsmiths within the Indian subcontinent.

March, the beginning of Spring when flowers start to bloom, is a beautiful time of year for outdoor weddings. Why settle for boring accessories on such a special occasion? Here’s our 2016 selections for unique Spring bridal tiaras.

Read this (scientific) study on the use of metals and materials used in ancient Egyptian Jewelry by one of the foremost jewelry historians.

An extract of a recently published book highlighting Israeli art jewelry post 1948. Israeli art jewelry shows a variety of multi-cultural influences. A selection presented by Iris Fishof, chief curator of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem

Minimalism is on the rise, or perhaps it never went out of fashion! Because we know that Coco Chanel extolled the virtues of minimalism, “Simplicity is the keynote of all […]

Read this background article on the use of the human body in the jewelry by Gijs Bakker, Friedrich Becker, Gerd Rothmann, Bruno Martinazzi.

The Carnegie museum of Natural History has their own Crystal Skull. Read the story here.