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Farlang promotes limited edition and one-of-a-kind jewelry designs, uniquely cut and high-end gemstones and diamonds. We present jewelry designers and gem artists belonging to the global top 10%.  At Farlang we are constantly expanding our educational tutorials on gemstones and have brought 25,000 pages of historical rare book texts & illustrations online: from Kunz to Streeter to books on pegmatites in Maine. Starting in 2006 our library was the world’s first before Archive, Google Books and GIA. Over time Farlang has been trusted, reviewed, named and linked to by Sotheby’s, Christie’s, Bulgari, Bloomberg News, NYT, The Times, National Geographic, Prince Claus Foundation, PBS, NPR, and a multitude of professional organizations and universities.

Our team includes jewelry & gem experts as well as experienced software engineers, server experts and data scientists.

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Authors, Experts, & Contributors

Richard W. Wise


Richard W. Wise is a Graduate Gemologist, retired gem dealer, author and lecturer