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Member, designer and Vendor FAQ

1. Centralization of services and payments

a) Shop catalog
FARLANG will centralize transactions, shipments and payments for any product listed in the ECommerce catalog (referred heretoforth to as “Shop”) and by which we mean all products listed in the “Shop” catalog with a shopping cart.

b) Luxury, Bridal catalogs, Custom projects and customization projects
FARLANG is not involved in any transaction of products listed in the Luxury, Bridal, Custom catalogs or any Custom or customization projects.

Any transaction, labeling, shipment, return etc are between the designer/vendor and the customer/consumer.

The remaining information below in this section pertain to point a): Shop or Ecommerce catalog only.

c) Shipping & handling process, labels (eCommerce only)

Shipping costs

Consumers expect free shipping for orders over $100.

FARLANG will pay for shipping costs for items in the “shop” section (price < $2500) using normal, standard, non-expedited delivery options. Consumers will be charged the expedited surcharge for shop items.

For items over $2500 in luxury or any custom, bridal or any other type of special request or customized jewelry or gems: the vendor (designer) should carry the shipping costs as well as insurance.

Return shipping is paid by the consumer.


1. Shipping label: FARLANG will arrange for a pick up of the package. You will be provided a shipping label by email (PDF) which you can print out.

2. Return label: FARLANG will also provide a return label to you which needs to be included in the package in case the buyer wants to return the item.

3. Your own labels: Alternatively — should you prefer this — you can provide shipping and return labels and FARLANG will reimburse standard delivery costs.


1. Your own jewelry tags: we highly recommend you tag your jewelry before shipping. Our Terms & Conditions clearly state that jewelry tags may not be removed by the consumer before the 14 day return period has ended. This prevents them from wearing it, cleaning it and returning it within 14 days. We are looking for a centralized solution to provide you tags.

2. FARLANG jewelry tags: we hope to be able to provide jewelry tags you can use shortly should that be preferred.

d) Payment transactions (eCommerce only)

FARLANG will process the payment on behalf of the designer/vendor using an integrated shopping cart process.

Refunds the consumer
FARLANG will manage customer refunds in case of warranty or return policy issues.

Payments to designer
Will be done through paypal, bank-to-bank, check, or other preferred means requested by designer. Payment will be presented after the expiration of the official return policy period, i.e. after fourteen (14) days after receipt of goods by customer has past

e) Commission and costs paid (eCommerce only)

(Fine) fashion jewelry boutique only
FARLANG receives a 25% administration fee which includes:

1. Customer support to the end consumer
2. Fraudulent behavior and credit card fraud check
3. Shipping & (shipping) Insurance costs costs to the consumer (2-3%)
4. Credit card, payment transaction company and other 3rd party payment fees for payment by the end consumer (3-5%)
5. Any “10% off” welcome discount for first time or repeat clients or any other campaign which it deems necessary. (10%)

FARLANG VIP/Luxury members
FARLANG does not charge additional commission on online sales.
FARLANG, however, will charge a fee of 4-6% to cover the following:

1. International credit card and currency conversion costs (3-4%)
2. Shipping (free shipping offered to consumer) unless paid by the designer (1-2%)

f) Centralized Fraud Detection (eCommerce only)

International Address Check
For every first order the consumer is required to have the same shipping address as their billing address OR have a validated office/business address.

Fraud Artificial Intelligence
Fraud has patterns. Big data, machine learning cloud-based services can help detect such patterns and increase the likelihood of discovering fraud. FARLANG will offer a dual fraud detection method no other jewelry marketplace offers:

1. Our payment processor (Stripe: a silicon valley startup now valued at $1 billion+) has an API for machine learning fraud protection which will be integrated into any online transaction on FARLANG

2. Some time in 2016 an additional, separate AI (machine learning) fraud protection system — founded by former Google’s anti-fraud team — will be integrated on FARLANG

2. Customer support

a. Q&A
FARLANG will provide basic answers (Q&A) to customers who email FARLANG support with questions or in need of assistance.

b. Filter requests
They will also filter bogus and spam Q&A requests and only route through requests that look sincere and serious. Any further contact or communication part of the sales process shall be between designer and customer. In particular discussions, communication exchanges about the specific details of the object for sale, etc.

c. Cancellation of orders
FARLANG’s team will communicate cancellation of any orders in the “Shop” (Ecommerce catalog) with customer and designer and help bridge the process as smoothly and expediently as possible.