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Please do not delete any links to our books. We are moving our complete rare book library into book readers you can use in every device: smartphone, tablet and laptop. And we are adding some amazing 19th century jewelry and fashion books to them. We are eliminating any OCR errors by showing you the original scans of the books but with OCR In the background allowing you to search to book text.

While we will also make special offers to download the original scans (with OCR in the background) for FREE, there is still a benefit of reading them online: you can access any book anywhere in any device, whenever you want AND we will offer integrated search across all books allowing you to find the books that write about the topic you’re interested in.

We are launching our first book reader in the week of March 9th starting with “De Re Metallica” and “Williams: Diamond Mines of South Africa” and then roll out more books over March and April.

For tutorials, antique resources, Sotheby’s and Christie’s auction results and information on art deco and art nouveau jewelry follow this link; Go here for “ Idar Oberstein: Europe’s century old Gemstone center”. Find more information on the use of antique cameos in Victorian times written by acclaimed cameo guide book author Diana Jarrett. read our watch archive

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