FOSSILS: world’s Oldest Spiderweb Found in Amber

FOSSILS: world's Oldest Spiderweb Found in Amber 2

Several of the major press agencies reported on this discovery. However many of them failed to mention the name of the person who actually found the Amber, and in fact a completely new Amber deposit in the UK. You can read several personal comments by Jamie Hiscocks as well as view a number of the […]

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Amber References in Antique Gemological Books

Works before 1600 on Amber Greeks: “Theophrastus”: discussion of a stone that turns out to be Amber (10 pages). Read of Roman, Greek uses and Damigeron as well. 10th century Persian Scientist “Al-Biruni” writes on Amber and its different origins as known in Iran at the time   Also try Amber chapter by early 16th

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