What is Mystic Topaz? Information provided by Dutch Gemological Laboratory


What is Mystic Topaz? ‘Mystic Topaz’ is ”real” Topaz that is coated to add color. Much of the Topaz that is found in nature is in fact colorless, or ‘white’. To add color, Topaz can be coated with an ultra thin layer (film), which is similar to the coatings used on camera lenses. Mystic topaz, […]

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Topaz References in Antique Gemological Books

Blue Topaz 355 carat Natural Blue Topaz (bottom page) Blue Topaz in association with Chrysoberyl Many Blue Topaz localities Blue Topaz occurrences Chittagong District Australia Blue Topaz “Pale Blue Topaz” called “Brazilian Sapphire” Refraction of Blue Topaz and influence of light (bottom page) Classic Topaz Localities — World Topaz from Ouro Preto (Villa Rica), Minais

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