The Complete Morganite Guide

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  1. Morganite Consumer Information

Morganite Consumer Information

As provided and validated by various gemmological organizations, laboratories and the "World Jewelry Confederation CIBJO"


Morganite can be worn in jewelry under normal use. Larger aquamarines should be worn with care, especially in settings such as rings that can be easily knocked
Cleaning: sudsy water and damp cloth


Morganite responds to some heat treatment, by removing a yellow color component and thereby rendering a deeper pink color. The color is considered stable
Synthetic stones have been found in the market


Morganite may be reddish orange through slightly purplish red (generally in lighter tones and saturations)
Morganite is sometimes marketed as “pink emerald” or “pink aquamarine”


Morganite is very often eye-clean (viewed without magnification) even in sizes larger than 5 carats


Morganites occasionally form as large crystals, as such are suitable for oversized gems (unique cuts) or carvings