In honor of the Academy Awards, our editors have chosen to pair the glam of Lebanese haute couture, world reknown for their evening gown fashion, with jewellers of the hollywood stars for brilliance heretofore seen and worthy of the silver screen.

Oscar nominees for best actress and the jewels they’ve worn. A full page fun slideshow with fun facts.

Antique Italian cameos carved in the Victorian age use extensive symbolism to communicate hidden messages of love and romance.

Idar Oberstein Workplace

Idar Oberstein has a long history of unique gemstones and producing acclaimed artists like Bernd Munsteiner, Pauly, Dieter Lorenz, Andreas Roth.

A gold and micromosaic hinged bangle, circa 1870

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The Catherine the Great Emerald Brooch Empress Catherine the Great of Russia The kingpins of Christie’s New York’s upcoming auction, Jewels; the New York Sale to be held on April […]

Several watches you can find within this post

The most luxurious watches from around the world.