Jewels by Erica Courtney: Mint and Opal Collection


The Mint Collection by Erica Courtney® was inspired by the beautiful, majestic blue-green colors of the Paraiba Tourmaline. Along with the Brazilian and African Paraiba Tourmalines, the collection features Mint Tourmalines from Afghanistan and Merelani Mint Garnets from Tanzania. This stunning collection is reminiscent of the clear blue ocean waters, with a gorgeous mixture of neon blues and greens.

18 kt yellow gold chevron frame ring with large, high quality Afghanistani Mint Tourmaline surrounded with Diamonds.
The Paraiba Buckle Ring with beautiful oval-shaped centre Mozambique Paraiba Tourmaline with striking Paraiba Melee gemstones.
Opal Royal Ring comprises of elegant Opal with Diamonds placed in exquisite pattern in invisible setting.

The Opal Collection by Erica Courtney® was created around the inherent beauty of this amazing gemstone. Opals are like splendid paintings composed with whimsical lines, galactic patterns and exuberant colors.

With no two gems being exactly the same, opals are perfect for those who want something truly special and unique.

Opal and Paraiba Earrings has 18 kt Yellow Gold base design encrusted with Opals centre gemstone.
Elegant 18 kt Yellow Gold Lady Diana Paraiba earrings with pear-shaped Paraiba Tourmaline gemstones, surrounded by Diamonds.
The Square Mint Tourmaline Earrings with Mint Tourmaline square centre piece surrounded by a cluster of Round Diamonds in a unique pattern.

A five minute walk from the Regatta Village you can find Boutique City Hotels, first class restaurants, the best in international shopping as well as famous architecture, art galleries, and historical museums. Palma has something to offer everyone visiting this international yachting event in a vibrant and cosmopolitan City.

18 kt gold double wish wrap ring with Cuprian Green Tourmaline tear drop shaped gemstone.
Black Opal Orchid Ring is made of 18 kt Yellow Gold that encrusts a centre Black Opal surrounded with a beautiful design of Diamonds.
18 kt Yellow Gold Chain Ring with unique Paraiba Tourmaline centre encrusted with round Diamonds.

The backdrop for the collections is the Superyacht Cup in Palma, Mallorca (Balearic Islands), located on the Mediterranean Sea held from 18 to 21 June 2014.

Opal and Tsavorite Charm earrings with a splendid combination of oval-shaped Opals encrusted along with Tsavorite and Diamonds.
A beautiful creation of 34.26 ct Paraiba Tourmaline Slices with 0.82 ct Diamonds encrusted in 18 kt Yellow Gold.

Running since 1996, The Superyacht Cup Palma is the longest running superyacht regatta in Europe and attracts many of the most prestigious sailing yachts from all over the world. The regatta is a favourite with yacht owners, friends, captains and crew who visit Palma de Mallorca annually for the 4 day regatta.