Fersman Mineralogical Museum

Fersman Mineralogical Museum is one of the most exiting among the mineral museums of the world. Museum world wide collections include more then 135,000 items. Among them natural crystals, geodes, druzes and other kinds of mineral treasures. Articles made of stones by jewelers 18 – 20 centuries. Gemstones. Meteorites. And much more.

Founded in 1716 in Sankt-Petersburg, Russia as a the Mineral cabinet of Kustkammer. Under support Russian Academy of Science since 1725. Museum was moved from Sankt-Petersburg to Moscow in 1934 together with Academy of Science. It was placed to a historical building which represents Moscow’s architecture of the beginning 19 century. It was built for Count Orlov-Chesmensky as a manege to accommodate a riding hall and stables. Under Emperor Nicholas I the building was served as an out of town dancing hall for Russian Court.