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Welcome to Rainforest Design where you can preview unique handcrafted original cameos. Carved from Queen’s Helmet shell, sometimes referred to as Sardonyx Shell, by talented Wounaan Indians of the Darien Rainforest, these miniature works of art reveal what inspires the people of Panama—the exotic flora and fauna that abounds in this lush unspoiled paradise. Marvel at these highly skilled carvings and the mesmerizing stories they tell.

The Queen’s Helmet shell has areas of high relief (or knuckles) which inspire the Wounaan carvers to maximize this extreme depth of perspective. Eco-conscious collectors of Rainforest Design® cameos have a great appreciation for nature, and value the delicate workmanship that goes into each original cameo carving.

  • 'These cameos are absolutely beautiful. Fine detail, well finished, carved in stunningly high relief. They are unique in the market.'

    Helen Serras-Herman, Renowned master cameo carver and expert

    Rainforest Design

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