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Careful attention to every aspect of each piece defines the jewelry handcrafted by Kathleen Brennan and Richard Kimball. This quality challenges you to look at their pieces again and over again, rewarding you with new discoveries. Every piece of jewelry represents the best efforts from each of them; every step in the process of generating that piece, from inception to completion is a showcase or their vision, skills and experience.

Kathleen and Richard work with their clients to realize their unique jewelry desires, forging long lasting relationships in the process. Collectively they have designed and crafted spectacular jewelry for many decades. Their continued enthusiasm and energy combine into a unique expression and the results are visible in the elegance of the work.

  • rika-jewelry-designs-18-ring-18kt-yellow-gold-coral-diamonds
  • rika-jewelry-designs-17-cufflinks-18k-yellow-gold-tourmaline
  • rika-jewelry-designs-14-cufflinks-18k-rose-gold-18k-yellow-gold-pearls-diamonds
  • rika-jewelry-designs-13-cufflinks-18kt-white-gold-18kt-yellow-gold-sapphire
  • rika-jewelry-designs-12-ring-18kt-white-gold-18kt-yellow-gold-sapphire-diamonds-tourmaline
  • rika-jewelry-designs-11-ring-18kt-yellow-gold-sapphire
  • rika-jewelry-designs-10-ring-18kt-yellow-gold-sapphire-diamonds
  • rika-jewelry-designs-9-ring-18kt-yellow-gold-18-kt-white-gold-turquoise
  • rika-jewelry-designs-6-earrings-18kt-yellow-gold-palladium-pearls-tourmaline
  • rika-jewelry-designs-5-ring-18kt-white-gold-18kt-yellow-gold-diamonds-spinel
  • rika-jewelry-designs-2-earrings-palladium-18kt-yellow-gold-pearls
  • rika-jewelry-designs-1-earrings-palladium-18kt-yellow-gold-pearls-aquamarine
  • If you haven’t thought about re-examining your jewelry collection, including odd scraps tucked away in an envelope, we would be delighted to look at your pieces and help you edit, modify, re-build or otherwise transform them.


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