Zoltan David is an award-winning artist who brings to the world innovative custom-created jewerly, marrying precious metals and breathtaking gems never before combined in jewelry.

The David family’s history dates back to the reign of St. Stephen and it is this cumulative past that is a dominant influence in Mr. David’s character.

“The journey of precious metal and gems transformed into jewelry is spiritual. Touched by our hands, minds and hearts, each piece is hand-made one at a time. We dedicate our skill, patience, passion and fondness to all our creations. This creative energy is captured for all time in the finished piece and transmitted to the wearer. All of our works are truly original and made with grace, harmony and respect – this is my promise.”

“Along with numerous collections, I have been designing and making bespoke one of a kind commissions for years and this has revealed something to me: jewelry can be a catalyst for this energy of life to be amplified, magnified, and utilized.
I tell my craftsmen that they are actually working with light. They manipulate and fashion forms and textures, colors, and materials to send light in a determined way to the observer’s eye, and this mechanism creates internal inspiration to the observer. That is what beauty is, an object that inspires and empowers.”