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Meet the Team

Patrick Slavenburg

Co-founder and Chief Data

Development of (artificial intelligence) algorithms for consumers to receive personalized recommendations. Business development and strategic partnerships and alliances.

H. Friedrich

Co-founder and Chief Digital Officer

Drive growth by converting traditional “analog” businesses models and processes in the luxury industry to digital.  Focusing on (artificial intelligence) algorithms that personalise the consumer’s experience.

Hanco Zwaan

Chief Gemological Adviser

Part of our European team and Head of Dutch Gemological Laboratory.  Award winning gemological author. Supervises quality control on gemstone information.

Mah Rana

Creative Director

Part of our European team, professor at the CASS school of art, design, architecture in London. Farlang curator. Responsible for designer-team input into artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms.

Nate Smith

Director Roundtables

Part of the USA team and has 10+ years experience with organizing roundtable events for America’s best retailers and gem artists. Nate coordinates and hosts such events at Farlang.

Elena Novac

Quality Control Manager

Part of our European team responsible for quality control of data and visuals.

Zelimir Tomas

Team Lead

Part of our European team and responsible for design, luxury look&feel standardization and web-optimization of images.

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