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Sobralia Decora Orchid Earrings
Sobralia Decora Orchid Earrings
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Sobralia Decora Orchid Earrings

Cameo pierced earrings set in 18 kt yellow gold.

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The Sobralia Decora Orchids are native to Panama and found in the Valle de Anton. These are ground orchids and the lovely flower lasts only one day. These cameo earrings of course, will last a lifetime and more. Pierced earrings are set in 18 kt yellow gold.

Registry number 356/357, 22mm/22mm. Artist signed originals. Sold with a Certificate of Authenticity. Eco-friendly, Fair Trade.

Materials used:
Sardonyx shell cameo
18 kt yellow gold

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Rainforest Design


22 mm




18 kt gold


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