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Mr. Potato Head Gets Engaged!
Mr. Potato Head Gets Engaged!
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Mr. Potato Head Gets Engaged!

When you have a pearl that walks and talks like a potato what else could a designer do?

Sold by: Jewels by Design

When you have a pearl that walks and talks like a potato what else could a designer do?

This pendant, inspired by the single grey south-sea pearl with natural nose bump just HAD to be Mr. Potato Head. He is approximately 17 mm tall and the spread of his arms is 22 mm. Hand-fabricated in 18 karat gold, his boots and blonde moustache are yellow gold, his ears, arms (articulated at the shoulder) and hands are pink gold. His cap is two-tone gold surmounted with a 1.5 mm white seed pearl.

His white gold mouth shows off his pearly white teeth made from 10 tiny (.70-.80 mm) white seed pearls and blue sapphire eyes are set in white gold. Mr. Potato Head is still waiting patiently to find Ms. Potato head so he can present her with his two-tone, bezel set diamond solitaire engagement ring. Then he can get married and produce a crop of little sprouts!

I am still searching for the perfect pearl to create his lady friend. Mr. P.H. will stand in a display or you may put a chain through his engagement ring and wear him as a pendant.

Because of small size I did not design the parts to be interchangeable but would be happy to modify and add to his wardrobe and features should someone be interested (and have a tiny pair of tweezers and a loupe to manipulate and keep track of the miniscule components!!

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Jewels by Design


22×17 mm




18 kt gold




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